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Carpet Cleaning

How clean are the carpets under your feet?

Although they may appear to look clean, carpets can contain many hidden horrors such as bacteria, dirt, faeces and tiny insects including dust mites which can cause and accelerate allergies. Carpet Hygiene can remove all these problems leaving your carpets clean, sanitised and smelling fresh once again.

Benefits of Carpet Carpet in High Wycombe:

  • Dirty carpets will look brand new again

  • Unsightly stains including tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, wine, foods, paints, oils, make up can all be removed.

  • Eco-Friendly products. Safe for pets, children and ideal for allergy sufferers.

  • Enhances the appearances of the room

  • All carpets will be 100% dry within 2-4 hours. Natural fibre carpets like wool take longer to dry than synthetic carpets so we do offer techniques to speed dry these carpets.

  • Black draft marks around the outside of the room can be removed using our advanced stain removal techniques.

Once cleaned I can show you exactly what’s been hiding in your carpets!

Call today on 0149 452 4448 or email

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