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Upholstery Cleaning

Our Upholstery can often be the most unhygienic items of the home as they are often forgotten about when we hoover our carpets. Sofas, arm chairs and footstools  contain dust, dirt, perspiration, oils and more often than not food and drink spillages.

When dust and dirt accumulate on upholstery they can gradually scratch and break down the fabric ultimately shortening the lifespan of your furniture and causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

Having your upholstery cleaned professionally will help ensure the fabric to lasts much longer and not wear out.

Using top of the range products and equipment Carpet Hygiene can guarantee a noticeable difference in the appearance of your upholstery.

Benefits of upholstery cleaning

  • Removes dust and other allergens.

  • Removal of unsightly stains.

  • Eco friendly products.

  • Pleasing to the eye

  • Fabrics absorbs odour from its surroundings. Upholstery cleaning will freshen up the fabric leaving it smelling fresh.

All upholstery is pre-tested to determined which products and cleaning method will provide the best results.

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