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Carpet Fitting

Having someone who is a carpet fitter as well as a carpet cleaner is a blessing in disguise.

Carpet Hygiene can help you with the most common carpet problems.

Stretching: Carpet stretching is required when carpets become loose and baggy which usually occurs with age. I can stretch out the carpet to give it a tight and flat appearance once again

Floor Boards: Squeaky or bouncy floor boards can be a noisy nuisance but can be improved and fixed with relative ease.

Wires: Loose TV or telephone wires can often be a problem. I can neatly place these wires underneath the carpet without the wires making the carpets look lumpy or untidy.

Stair repairs: Replacing individual worn or stained steps can be achieved If you have any spare carpet left over from when they were fitted originally.

Relaying: Carpet which needs to be re-laid after it’s been taken up for building/decorating works etc.

If any of the above apply to your household or if you’re in need of someone to fit new carpet call for a free quotation today.

We can provide underlay which has a 25 year guarantee, gripper rods,  door/threshold bars (brass or silver).

– Friendly, professional service
– Competitive prices
– Free quotations
– Fully insured
– Work fully guaranteed

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